Understanding Medication Therapy Management


Medication therapy management, or MTM, is a term for a wide range of health care services that pharmacy staff, who know the most about medications, provide. The five main parts of the MTM service model that they use are the medication therapy review (MTR), the personal medication record (PMR), the medication-related action plan (MAP), intervention and/or referral, and follow-up.

Every core component is necessary for MTM to work, but the order and distribution of the components can be changed to meet the needs of a specific patient.

Pharmaceutical care in Ohio offers medication therapy management to assist patients in maximizing the therapeutic effects of their drugs by actively managing drug therapy and by recognizing, avoiding, and resolving medication-related issues.

Pharmacists offer services to help patients manage their medicines in every area of care where patients get medicines.

When they manage a patient’s medication, he or she tries to make sure that the medicine is right for the patient and his or her health problems and that the best possible results come from treatment.

MTM services could be helpful for anyone who takes herbal remedies, prescription or over-the-counter drugs, or other dietary supplements.

People who use multiple medications take non-prescription medicines, have multiple health conditions, have questions about or issues with their medications, are taking medications that need close monitoring, have been hospitalized, or get their medications from multiple pharmacies, such as Pharmacy Care in Hamilton, Ohio, may stand to gain the most.

Over the past 20 years, MTM delivery has changed, and Ultimate Care Pharmacy LLC provides a multitude of resources to help many people deliver MTM and pharmaceutical services.

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