No Prescription, No Antibiotic Medicine


You probably have heard about this. Maybe this has even happened to you already. For several years now, many providers of pharmaceutical services will only sell orally taken antibiotics medicines to people with a prescription. The pharmacist or other pharmacy staff will decline your purchase if a customer wants to buy oral antibiotics medicine without a prescription.

Why has the medical community, especially those experts in pharmaceutical care in Ohio, issued and implemented this rule?

The reason is the tremendous number of individuals globally who misuse antibiotics orally. This misuse can lead to a virus’s antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is the phenomenon health services providers fear. The phenomenon happens when the bacteria develop a resistance against the medicines designed to kill them because of improper intake. To give you an image of how dire this misuse is, in 2019, antibiotic resistance caused the death of 1.27 million individuals globally, while an approximation of 5 million deaths was associated with antibiotic resistance. Don’t become one of those statistics, and intake oral antibiotics properly.

At ULTIMATE CARE PHARMACY LLC, more than following the laws and guidelines established to regulate drug use, we want you to be able to enjoy and utilize the fruits of modern medicines. We want you, your immune system, and the medication you take to fight diseases and dangerous microorganisms. Thus, our constant campaign and advocacy towards proper usage of the medicine.

Get your antibiotics and other medications here and become more knowledgeable on pharmacy care in Hamilton, Ohio, with us today.

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